Is That a Nook?

One of my Christmas gifts this year was a Nook e-reader. I dragged my feet a long time regarding the e-book phenomenon, but rather than get left in the dust of what seems to be the brave new world of publishing, I asked Santa for the Nook, and he acquiesced. (Actually, I told my husband what I wanted and he told me to go out and buy it. Much easier.)

Anyway, I’ve stocked it with books…something that is dangerously easy to do…and carry it with me everywhere I go.

Something odd has started happening. At least, it seems odd to me. In the short time I’ve had the thing, TWICE total strangers have approached me while I was reading and started a discussion about e-readers. Even odder is the fact that both times it was a man. Okay, don’t try telling me these guys were flirting…I’m too old for that crap. They weren’t. Trust me.

I can’t remember the last time someone came up to me when I was reading a real book and asked me about it. And these guys weren’t asking “what are you reading?” They were asking, “Is that a Kindle or a Nook?” In the first case (while I was sitting in Wal-Mart, waiting for my mom to finish her shopping), after I replied “It’s a Nook,” the guy told me he’d just gotten a Nook for Christmas, too, and thought it was really great. Today, while I was waiting to get my new snow tires put on, it happened again. But this guy had just bought his son a Kindle and proceeded to tell me why he chose that one over the Nook.

Frankly, I didn’t care.

But my question is: Does the advent of the e-reader’s popularity signal an increase in the general public’s interest in reading? This would be good!

OR are these guys interrupting my reading enjoyment because they’re gadget geeks and see me as one of their own?

If that’s the case, sorry, guys. And stop bugging me! I’m trying to read!


I'd say it's part gadget geek, part novelty item.

Btw, I walk up to people at random and talk to them about their e-readers. I practically tackled Jacqueline Frank at a conference a couple of years back.

And now that you've got a Nook, I've got some coupon codes for a certain trio of books... I do believe you started one of them a year or so ago...
Annette said…
Susan, you may be right about the novelty item. As for the coupon codes, I'll definitely take 'em!
Joyce Tremel said…
I think it's both. And I wouldn't discount the flirting thing either.

My kids bought me a Kindle for Christmas. So far I've only downloaded a couple of free books. I'm not letting myself read anything until the WIP is finished. So close...

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