X Marks the Resolution

It’s a good thing one of my New Year’s resolutions wasn’t to stop procrastinating, because here it is, January 9th and I’m only now getting around to sorting out my goals and intentions for the year.

Basically, I’m limiting my resolutions to TWO this year. I’m tired of failing at a long list of things. Better to only fail at two, don’t you think?

First, I intend to get back to my health and fitness routine. I’d rather say I was planning to expand on it, but I’ve really derailed, so simply getting back on track will make me happy. I can handle the yoga, weight workouts, and eating healthier parts. But getting on a good walking routine when it’s 11 degrees outside will be a real challenge. Anyone have an old treadmill taking up space that you’d like to donate to my cause?

The second goal is one that I really hope I can stick to. I hope to write every day. I’ve never really stated that before, because I’ve known that I’d fail at it. Life and family get in the way. And I may very well fail at it again, but I’ve found a way to possibly motivate myself toward success. I read this.

I have a love of checking off things. I create to-do lists not only so I’ll remember what needs to be done, but also for the satisfaction of crossing things off as I do them. The idea of big red Xs marching across the calendar in my office appeals to me. Plus I’ve decided that the definition of writing can be flexible.

Today, for example, I have a ton of non-writing work to do, so I’m going to count this blog as my writing. Red X! Yay! Some days I spend hours working on a plot twist or figuring out where my story is going. I’m going to count that, too. Drafting fiction or nonfiction, give me an X. Editing or revising, another X. Critique group meetings will count.

Writing group meetings won’t. Those don’t usually pertain to my work in particular, so I’ll need to come home and apply what I’ve learned by writing in order to earn that X.

I may have to mold and shape this particular goal as the year goes on. But I think I can do it.

Want to join me?


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