Finding Friends Wherever She Can

I've been holed up in my cave working on revisions to my Thoroughbred racetrack mystery. There is very little interesting about this part of the writer's life. Sitting at a computer for long hours while the rest of the world goes on around you doesn't produce much fodder for a blog. So I'll simply post this photo of Kensi, who takes comfort in her other "friends" while her mom is busy writing.


One of my foster kitties would spend her days curled up with the stuffed animals in the Boy Band's room. She would look like that scene from ET...
Annette said…
LOL! Susan, yes, Kensi has also buried herself in the middle of these critters a time or two like ET. This time it looks like she's snoozing on Puff Kitty's lap. If he HAD a lap, that is.

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