This Morning's Entertainment Courtesy of West Penn

I think I’ve been spending too much time holed up in my cave with my computer. This morning I learned that the power company was going to maneuver one of its massive trucks into our yard, around behind our old barn, and back into the yard on the other side (all to avoid potentially crushing our leech bed—thank you West Penn) so they could work on the electric pole just across the property line. In order to successfully pull this off, Hubby had to take down a small section of fence and remove one fence post.

The fence was no problem. We haven’t owned any livestock in over a decade. Hurricane Ivan took out the bulk of our fence back in 2004. This was just a little piece that had survived and served no good purpose except to hold up the poison ivy vines.

Note to self: add calamine lotion and Benadryl to the grocery list.

The massive truck arrived. Hubby made them use it to pull the fence post. Or, to be more accurate, to snap it off at its rotted base.

Meanwhile, having been cooped up in my cave for way too long, I was watching and photographing the whole process as if it were the circus come to town. The power company employees probably were commenting among themselves, “That lady needs to get out more often.”


They did ask me if I wanted to get in the bucket and do the work for them. I told them thanks, but no thanks. I’m not crazy about heights. I’m even less crazy about getting fried.

The purpose of this particular morning’s work was to cut the wires that used to supply power to my grandparent’s farmhouse across the road. I’ve written about that house here before. It now stands lonely, abandoned, and collapsing. No need for electricity over there any more. So they stopped traffic, and the lineman snipped the ancient wires.

It was kind of cool.

Yeah, I told you I need to get out more.

No one got zapped. Hubby got to play on the old Farmall and mow down the weeds growing where the fence once stood. (For anyone who has followed his recent spate of mishaps with electronics and digital devices, you should know he does much better with vintage farm equipment.)

So, other than having a massive truck in my backyard for almost an hour, the big event was…well…uneventful.

But it got me out of my cave for a bit.


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