I've been tearing apart and reconstructing my first three chapters for more than a month now and I'm feeling dizzy. At some point a writer loses focus. I'm there. I don't know if I'm improving the darned thing or just babbling different words and making it all sound like crap.

Excuse my French.

So this morning, I packed it up and sent it off to my favorite critique partner, Donnell Bell, whose debut novel The Past Came Hunting will be released in less than a month. (I've read it. It's fabulous. Put it on your must buy list.) Anyhow, Donnell will be able to tell me where I've gone astray.

While I'm waiting to hear back from her, I've been thinking about how blessed I am. My life is full of wonderful, supportive friends who also happen to be published (or soon-to-be-published) authors.

Nancy Martin, for one. She led that awesome boot camp I recently completed. And she continues to email me, nagging and heckling me to get to work. (I will! Honest! As soon as I post this blog!)

But she's not alone. I recently had lunch with my friend, Kathleen George, whose newest Pittsburgh mystery Hideout is just out to rave reviews. Like this one. Kathy took me to Kaya in the Strip District to thank me for helping her with her blog tour. Hey, I happily work for food. But I feel like I was ripping her off. It was fun lining up some guest blog spots for her. It helps that I love her writing and all her books. Besides, isn't supporting each other what writers are supposed to do? In Pittsburgh it is.

Speaking of Pittsburgh authors, another of my good friends has a debut novel coming out at the end of this month. Meredith Mileti was our 2010 Pennwriters Conference Coordinator and now is preparing for the release of Aftertaste: A Novel in Five Courses. Check out this article about Meredith and her cooking. I've been to Meredith's house and experienced some of her culinary skills. To. Die. For. I suspect I'll need to go on a diet after reading this one.

Here's hoping some of what my friends have (namely TALENT) will rub off on me.

Now I have to get back to work or Nancy will send me another nagging email.


Donnell said…
Annette: I'm reading it, and I can say you're putting the words together just fine as always. You are a consummate pro. Thanks for the shout out!
Annette said…
Thanks, Donnell. And you're very welcome.

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