Happy Anniversary!

This is a celebratory week for our family of fur kids. Yesterday, marked one year since Kensi moved into our house. She was so tiny then. She’s still small, but that’s okay. With her high-energy antics, if she were any bigger, she’d wreck our house.

Camping is torture for her. The camper is too small to contain her. No place to run. So she spends her time either watching wildlife outside the window or digging in the litter box. Not necessarily USING the litter box. Just digging in it. Then digging at the throw rugs. And digging at my shoes. We get up in the morning to find my slipper in her water bowl and the rugs in crumpled heaps. Busy, busy, busy.

Here’s a camping shot of her as she contemplates my manuscript. Everyone’s a critic.

On top of Kensi’s one-year anniversary with us, TODAY marks four years since Skye became part of our family. She’s such a love bug. And she’s very much MY cat. Kensi is Daddy’s girl. Skye will let Hubby rub her ears or scratch her chin for a moment, but then that’s enough. “Stop touching me.” However, she’ll lie in my lap for hours on end.

Which makes Miss Kensi extremely jealous. And Skye knows this. I swear, she gloats.

Here’s a shot of Skye doing her favorite camping activity, which is snoozing in a sunspot.

Happy anniversary, girls.


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