Spring Fever at the River

To continue with the theme of spring fever from my last post…

We decided to drive to Confluence on Saturday to “check the camp.” Now, this would be a logical and necessary chore if we’d had the kind of snow we had two years ago when THIS is what “checking the camp” meant.

But this year has been mild. Snow fall has been minimal. Let’s face it. We needed a day away.

The camper was fine. All bundled up in its tarp, just the way we left it in October. So the rest of the day was spent looking at the water. Hubby bemoaned the fact that he’d left his fly pole at home.

He would’ve loved to be right out there with these guys. Never mind that he was bundled up against the wind as it was. Standing in icy water? Nah.

From Confluence, we headed downriver to Ohiopyle. I love photographing the falls and the rapids.

Only two more months until camping season! 


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