Waiting for Spring

We’re on to the next phase of drilling. The rig is up. The good news is I can’t see it from the house. It’s just over the hill far enough to be blocked from view. I can, however, hear machinery when I step outside. No big deal. Hopefully the bulk of the noise will be done by the time open-window weather arrives.

Speaking of which…

I have spring fever. Yes, it’s been an incredibly mild winter. I haven’t bemoaned my loathing for the season even once. That has to be a first. Today is gray and chilly. No snow, but no hint of spring either. Still I have the fever.

Either that or I just want to run away from home.

I thought life would be a little less stressful now that Hubby has a new job. Not so. Without going into details, let’s just say I need a vacation.

A real vacation isn’t in the cards. Hasn’t been for the last three years or so. Our measly vacation budget is used up on the annual rental for our camp in Confluence. And that’s okay. I just have to hang on until mid April.

I do have a few other trips planned. Working vacations, I guess you could call them. First is the Pennwriters Conference, May 18 -20 in Lancaster. I’m teaching a pre-conference workshop on Thursday the 17th. And I’m really looking forward to seeing my friend Hank Phillippi Ryan who’s giving the Friday keynote address.

Then there’s the biggie. Bouchercon! I’m really stoked about this one. I haven’t been to a Bouchercon since it was in Baltimore several years ago. This year it’s close enough that I’ll hitchhike if I have to. (Just kidding, Mom!) And I’ll be traveling and rooming with my pal Joyce Tremel again. We always have fun together. Cleveland, consider yourself warned.

The weekend after that is our Sisters in Crime Writing Retreat. The incredible Susan Meier has agreed to be our guest this year. I think I failed to warn her about our history though. Floods. Breaking andentering. Never a dull moment.

But for today, I’m just looking out a dull gray skies and a bleak, colorless landscape. Come on, SPRING!


Becky said…
You are not renting this year at Confluence?
Annette said…
Yes. That's where our vacation budget goes.
Mary Sutton said…
This year, I will bring appropriate tools to the retreat. =)
Annette said…
I'm afraid to ask what those might be!

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