Last week was huge.

It started on Monday when Diana Nyad completed her life’s dream and successfully swam from Cuba to Key West. After her feet touched sand in Florida, she managed to say something that I plan to print and frame:

"I have three messages. One is, we should never, ever give up. Two is, you never are too old to chase your dreams. And three is, it looks like a solitary sport but it's a team."

All three totally apply to us struggling writers. I took it to heart.

Then on Wednesday, my own dream started to come true. Henery Press offered me a three-book contract for my Zoe Chambers/Pete Adams mystery series.

The contract was signed on Friday and all became official. I’m the newest hen in the Henery Hen House! My debut novel, Circle of Influence, will be released in March 2014.

I have bruises on my arm from pinching myself. Seriously. More than once I stop in the middle of the day to wonder if I imagined it all. Thankfully the news is all over Facebook, so I only have to look at the posts to realize—nope. It’s definitely real.

No, I’m not comparing my journey to Ms. Nyad’s. I certainly don’t expect to swallow salt water or get stung by jellyfish. But she inspired me.

The point to my struggling writer friends is NEVER give up. You’re never too old. And join writing organizations like Pennwriters or Sisters in Crime. Because it does take a team.

Rock on, Diana Nyad. And WRITE on to all my fellow authors!


Congratulations, what exciting news! I too was impressed and inspired by the Diana Nyad story and you are right, those lessons are important ones for all of us writers to bear in mind.
Joyce Tremel said…
I'm so thrilled for you. I still smile every time I think about it!
Annette said…
Thanks, Joyce. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and realize I dreamed the whole thing.
Mary Sutton said…
Same as Joyce - I keep smiling every time I think about it. And don't kid yourself. You ARE an inspiration (at least to me)!
Annette said…
Awww, thanks, Mary!

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