Deadlines, Countdowns, and a BIG Reveal

I have a string of countdowns to keep track of. Seven days until my deadline to turn in book #3 of the Zoe Chambers mystery series to my editor. Eight days until three of my local Sisters in Crime and I hit the road for North Carolina and the Writer’s Police Academy. Yes, next week is going to be very busy.

Twenty-two days until the official release of Lost Legacy. Twenty days until my launch party at Mystery Lovers Bookshop. You’re all invited. Bring a friend. I always fear no one will show up at these things.

With so much on my horizon, I decided there's one thing I no longer wish put off. My reveal of the title for book #3. Are you ready? Drum roll please!

Bridges Burned.

A big shout out and thank you to my critique buddy Jeff Boarts for coming up with it. While I haven’t see a copy of Lost Legacy (other than the advanced copies), I believe there will be a sample chapter of Bridges Burned at the end of Lost Legacy. Yes, I’m a tease! 


Susan O'Brien said…
Love the new title!! Congratulations!!
Annette said…
Thanks, Susan!

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