Photos from Coffee with the Author--ME!

I had a great time yesterday at The Gathering Place for Coffee with the Author. Great crowd. Great questions. And I discovered one of the hazards of doing a well-publicized event on your home turf. An old friend from high school, John Cherok, came and brought our senior yearbook. I don't know about you, but I really want the whole world to see my senior photo.


He also brought photo copies of my "first published work," a really bad four-line poem that was printed (without my consent) in our senior literary journal. The story about our adviser secretly taking that silly little ditty from my notebook is one for another day. Suffice it to say,  my byline was included even though I'd prefer not taking credit for the poem in question.

Again, not something I ever wanted anyone to see.

Embarrassment (mine) aside, we had some great laughs about "the old days" at school and on the ambulance service.

Speaking of which... By way of payback, check out the ancient photograph on my website, here. That's John on the far left.

In addition to reminiscing with an old friend, I met a number of new ones as I chatted about Circle of Influence, Lost Legacy, and assorted other writing/publishing related topics.

Thanks to my friend and Sister in Crime, Laurie Kassim, for coming and snapping some photos.

Now, it's back to work on book #3.

And 26 days until the release of Lost Legacy!


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