Finding My Rut

I like to think I’m flexible—the emotional kind, not just the physical kind of flexibility that comes from almost two decades of yoga practice—but I’ve come to the conclusion that I resist change as much as anyone I know. Give me a rut, a routine and I’m happy.

When my rut caves in on me, I lose my center. Heck, let’s face it—I lose my mind!

After several months of no routine, no rut, no sense of structure in my life, I’m finally getting back to a schedule. Mom’s settled in nicely to her new home. I don’t necessarily have less responsibilities, but I do have different ones.

The important part is I’m managing to fit my new responsibilities in around my writing.

And I’m writing every day! The next book is more than scribbled sticky notes tacked to my office walls! It’s taking shape.

In the meantime, the print version of Bridges Burned is now available for pre-order


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