New Year's Odds and Ends

One of the things I hope to improve upon in this new year is decluttering. With the demands of deadlines, not to mention the great excuse “I don’t have time to clean. I have to write,” my house has become a series of what I affectionately call “hog holes.” Comfy, but messy. A little TOO lived in.

So I’m tackling one hog hole at a time. No, I will not be showing you the before photos. They might result in a film crew from some hoarding reality show appearing on my front porch. However, here is my first tidied corner of my house. Books and DVDs all neat and orderly. Small cabinet’s top cleared of “stuff.”

On to the next corner…which sad to say now contains some of the junk I cleared from THIS corner.


In other homefront news, Skye has developed a new quirk. She no longer wants her food in the kitchen. She now prefers to eat it in the bathtub!

If I set the bowl down elsewhere, she snubs it, goes to the bathroom door and looks at me until I follow her. Then she jumps into the tub and sits. Very clear communication. As long as I place the bowl where SHE wants it, she eats just fine.

Weird cat.

Also, it’s official. I’ve signed on with Henery Press for books 4, 5, and 6 of the Zoe Chamber series! Yay! I’m thrilled…especially since I’m 50+ pages into book #4 right now, and having a blast writing it.

Speaking of “blast”...okay, you’ll have to read Bridges Burned to get that little joke…I’ve created a Goodreads Giveaway for the third in the series. Click here to enter.

And one final note…a bit of blatant begging, which I despise, hence it’s placement late in this post. IF you’re registered for Malice Domestic and are filling out your nomination form for the Agatha Awards, Circle of Influence is eligible to be nominated for Best First Novel.

Just sayin’. Whether you think it’s worthy is totally up to you.

And now I must get back to work on book #4! 


storytellermary said…
Funny kitty -- but easy enough to accommodate. I once had a kitten that liked to play in the bathtub, batting around various toys in a private game of handball. Then the allergist had his say, and the cats had to find a new home . . . Thanks for sharing yours, safely, via internet. ;-)

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