New Mexico, September 2015

My third trip to New Mexico was a solid no-bones-about-it research trip, and my photos reflected that goal. It was all about scouting locations.

The San Juan Sheriff's Office played a HUGE part in No Way Home, and unlike Pete's Vance Township Police Department back in Pennsylvania, this one is absolutely real.

As are most of the other locations in New Mexico. Navajo Dam is mentioned in the story. It's both a real dam and a town. 

The cabin in the story isn't far from Abe's Motel and Fly Shop. Honest. It's real and that's it's name. We stayed there our first trip to Aztec, so I know from personal experience.

Moving on to Hart Canyon, where much of the action takes place. Yes, Hart Canyon is also real.

A location in the canyon that plays an important role is "the cave." This is it. You can even see the wood someone left for a campfire.

You need one of these big high-clearance pickup trucks to get around out there. The "roads" leave much to be desired, as Zoe finds out.

The views are incredible. Wow.

As Zoe travels through the canyon, she spots a mule deer. Can you see him?

That's my tour guide and police procedure expert, Kevin Burns taking in the views.

If you want to get a real sense of how immense the world is and how small we are, go stand on the edge of a cliff out in the middle of nowhere. That's Kevin's wife, my friend Kiesha, way out there.

And photographic evidence that I was there. 

Next week: my most recent trip to New Mexico, last June. 


storytellermary said…
Spectacular views! I didn't see deer or the distant friend until you pointed them out. Good country for hiding.
You must be quite fit to have done the climbing. I might have to reread with pictures in my mind . . .
Annette said…
No climbing for THIS gal! I'm to scared of falling.
What amazing photos! Thank you for sharing your trip/inspiration.
Annette said…
My pleasure, Brooke. Most fun I've ever had doing "research!"
Billie Jackson said…
To quote Zoe, I know you will forgive this spoiler, "Wow!" Looking forward to reading it again with the pictures handy. (love that Kindle).
Annette said…
Billie, I must have said "wow" a hundred times that first trip out there!

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