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I finally admitted I'd outgrown my kindergarten-level Samsung Galaxy Core Prime smartphone and upgraded to a Galaxy 7S a little over a week ago. I could sing love songs to this new phone. And I am extremely grateful to my favorite Verizon guy who took the task of transferring all my "stuff" from the old phone to the new. Technology-wise, the smaller the learning curve for me, the better.

One of the things I did before putting my old phone on the shelf was transfer the photos I'd taken on it over the last two years to my computer. I've deleted more than I kept because--let's face it--3 megapixels. The camera sucked.

But here is a sampling of life as captured by my cell phone camera over the last two years.

Beginning with lunch with my friend, Terri Watson, in Nashville, TN. Such a fun afternoon! Great memories.

An in-the-wild book sighting of Bridges Burned:

Kensi daring me to keep working on edits:

Caught on Mystery Lovers Bookshop's "Best of 2015" shelf!

At the Agatha Awards banquet with Hank Phillippi Ryan who is always awesome:

My rhododendrons in bloom. This because one of my screen savers:

My friend Leta Burns' shy, but adorable, kitty Elsa:

Library bookshelf sighting:

Some scenes around Confluence PA, which was our second home for many years. No, I don't mean this house. This was just a research photo:

And this is a little fixer-upper in town:

THIS was our Confluence second home--an interior shot of my beloved camper AKA the Confluence Writing Cave:

And one last exterior shot before we sold it:

Another in-the-wild book sighting:

 Kensi discovered selfies:

Books on display at the Shoppe Along the Way in Burgettstown PA:

You have to take photos when you open that first box of new books. You HAVE to. It's a law.

Another photo at the Shoppe Along the Way with the full set.

Critique buddies Tamara Girardi and Mary Sutton help with promo photos:

Another unexpected in-the-wild sighting:

At the start of my launch party at Mystery Lovers Bookshop. I'm happy to say the shelves were pretty bare by the end of it.

My southwestern flavored food table at my launch party:

A request for a signed copy...from Hank Phillippi Ryan!

I keep good company:

And then there were the two days in the hospital for poor Kensi. I still break out in hives at the sight of lilies.

Happier days followed. Wrapping up this photographic journey with the Wicked Cozies' book event prior to Malice Domestic this spring.

The old phone's camera might not have had the best quality, but it definitely captured my memories of the last two years. I'm looking forward to sharing more memories from the new camera in the days and months ahead.


Edith Maxwell said…
Thanks for including the Wickeds and me! Love all the "in-the-wild" sightings. ;^)
Annette said…
Edith, that was such a fun event!

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