Pennwriters Conference 2017

The 30th Pennwriters Conference was as close to perfect as one could get. Having coordinated one back in 2009, I know of what I speak. I'm sure there were behind-the-scenes glitches, but the conference committee, especially coordinators Heather Desuta and Carol Silvis handled them so that to the rest of us, everything flowed seamlessly.

I was the Saturday luncheon keynote, and as such, was given an awesome room. 

My house isn't much bigger than this! And my house doesn't come with maid service!

I taught my first workshop, Setting as a Character, Friday morning.

I was a slacker where photography was concerned, however I did manage to capture a few pictures.

This was the Friday luncheon which combined the Published Penns business lunch with the Networking Lunch we usually have. Nancy Martin moderated the Littsburgh Panel.

Before the banquet, Martha Reed brought wine and cheese to my room for an impromptu happy hour with a few friends. 

Afterwards was the Friday keynote with Chuck Sambuchino followed by the Read & Critique meetings. I was joined by Mary Sutton and Don Helin on that panel. 

Saturday was a long day. Breakfast and the annual membership meeting started it off. I tried to sit in on a couple of workshops, but ended up retreating to my room for some quiet time. Then I hung out in the Hospitality Suite where Trevor Thomas of Mystery Lovers Bookshop manned the book sales. And there was an lovely assortment of prizes offered at the basket raffle. 


Bobbi Carducci presented the Meritorious Service Award to winner Heather Desuta. CONGRATULATIONS, Heather! 

Then it was my turn. I snapped a few photos of the audience before I started my speech. 

Thankfully, it was well received. I love Pennwriters and did not want to disappoint!

My critique buddies and I had a panel Saturday afternoon on (ironically enough) critique groups! 

With the bulk of the conference behind us, my fellow Sisters (and Mister) in Crime and I had a raucous dinner at the hotel restaurant. Lots of fun and good food! 

Later, the pirate-themed cocktail party brought out a wide assortment of scally-wags! 

I had one more workshop Sunday morning--the Villain--before everything wrapped up with the basket raffle. Rock 'n' Roll Larry couldn't resist adding a few more tickets.

Now I'm back to real life. Writing. Doing laundry. But I carry my wonderful memories of the best Pennwriters Conference ever. At least for me. 


Celia Fowler said…
Thanks for sharing your memories and pictures (your room was awesome) of the Conference with us!
Annette said…
Celia, that room will spoil me for all future hotel rooms!

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