Here We Go Again

I must confess, I haven’t added one new word to my work in progress since the end of the Word Watchers Challenge. That’s not to say I haven’t been working on it. I’ve done a little editing and I’ve done a little plotting and I’ve done a LOT of research. But nothing new has been added in weeks and this must not continue.

Besides, I heard from a lot of you that you wanted to do another one before the holidays so here we go again.

Word Watchers Challenge TWO.

I am pledging to reach 175 pages (I’m at 128 now) by Halloween. PLUS I intend to get the first five chapters rewritten due to changes that need to be made for accuracy sake. So, while that’s only 50 or so new pages, there is a lot to be done by the end of the month.

Come on in and state your pledge under comments and check back. Like before, we can do an update every Monday (except when I don’t get to it until Tuesday) and we’ll do a little cheerleading and, hopefully, inspirational stuff later in the week.

The writers are in the gate…and they’re off! (Can you tell I write about Thoroughbred racing?)

Comments said…
Annette, I'm on board for the Challenge again. I didn't remember if we said the end of October or what. Anyway, I'll go for 100 pages by 10/31 plus polishing and sending out one manuscript.

Betty Gordon

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