Some days are diamonds...

…some days are stones. So goes the song lyrics. And nothing is more true when describing the life of a writer. The ups and downs’ll getcha if you’re not careful.

As previously reported, my debut short story has been accepted for publication this winter. I emailed the good news to my agent, hoping to get some good news back from her. Alas, such is not the case. I’ve had three rejections and two houses apparently aren’t interested in even looking at my novel.

I confess, I was seriously bummed out for a day or two. I weighed my options. Do I continue working on the second in the series when the first one isn’t selling? Should I pull one of my other ideas off the back burner and flesh it out into a new proposal?

Quitting entirely was never one of the choices. I may be a little down, but I’m still determined.

Times like these are when having a writing community around is vital. I whined to my writing friends in person and by email and they all patted me on the back and offered shoulders to cry on. But most importantly, they gave me a clear sense of perspective.

It’s three lousy rejections, for crying out loud. “A Signature in Blood,” the short story that will online at Mysterical-e beginning in December, received three rejections and sold to market number four. I have other short stories and articles bouncing around out there that have suffered more rejections than that and are still searching for homes. I don’t give up. I keep sending them back out.

Why should it be any different with my novel? So I’ve pulled myself up out of my doldrums. I went to Macy’s and bought some new make up and a new winter coat on sale. Shopping therapy. I met with my critique group who loves where the new novel is going. And I’ve come up with a brainstorm for the next chapter.

And I have my first fiction sale to bolster me.

Today will be a diamond.


Joyce said…
And here's to many more diamonds!

Never give up!
Anonymous said…
I've forgotten the exact numbers but Stephen King had somewhere in the neighborhood of 64 rejections before his first published story and Mary Higgins Clark had near 80 -- I might have reversed the numbers but suffice it to say, ALL good writers get lots of rejections!

Congrats on your first fiction sale!


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