The Big Move

Yes, I am now moved into what is officially my office. I love it. I haven’t had to close the door yet, but it’s there. Just having that wall separating me and my computer from the rest of the house insulates me and keeps me focused on the task at hand. Which is writing.

It would have happened anyway, but yesterday I reached the milestone of 200 pages written of my shitty first draft of Death Bet. I’ve been in a writing slump for the last few weeks. Not writer’s block, but a slump. I wasn’t entirely sure where the next few scenes were going. So I allowed myself to get distracted by an assortment of events. All of them were legitimate. Doctor’s appointments, emergency trips to the vet, holiday preparations and parties, blog posts… And of course, getting ready for the big move. If you want to see what this corner looked like before the big move, click here.

Okay, I’m never done with doctor’s appointments it seems. I have my annual check up today. I’m due to see the eye doctor before the end of the month. But I only have one more Christmas party, hopefully the cats will behave themselves for a while, and the big move has been made. Funny though, how yesterday, the upcoming sequence of events in the novel all fell into place in my outline and the forward progress started flowing a little easier. How much of that can be accredited to me being safely tucked away in my new cave of an office could be put to debate.

Anyhow, no, the office isn’t finished. Long way from it. There are still piles of books awaiting the building of bookshelves. I have acquired a couple of file cabinets (free give-aways!) and have no idea where I’m going to put them.

And there are still stacks of papers piled in the living room where my work space used to be, all needing to be sorted and filed (or tossed). So there are still plenty of distractions. Did I mention that I haven’t even started my Christmas cards yet? Yikes!

But my desk, my computer and I are all safely tucked away into our new office. The wall blocks out the rest of the world and the stacks of books are behind me. My focus is on my work.

Except that I have that doctor’s appointment this morning, I have to visit my dad for lunch and I have two yoga classes to teach tonight…

Oh, well. I’m ready to work tomorrow.

In the meantime, my second short story “Sanctuary” is now up at Spinetingler Magazine. It was a finalist in their cozy noir contest and it starts on page 27 of the downloadable version or click here if you prefer to read it online. Check it out!


Jodi said…
Annette, what a contrast between the before and after pictures! Your hard work has paid off. In January, when life settles down for everyone, I can picture you in your new space, being extremely productive.
Joyce said…
The new office looks great!

I know what you mean by that writer's slump. I've been having the same problem myself. But now I KNOW I have to get moving on it. Or else!
Annette said…
Thanks, ladies. And, yes, Joyce, now you HAVE to get moving. Great incentive, signing with an agent. Congratulations!

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