Moving Day

I’ve been dropping hints to my husband lately regarding my intention to move my work space into the spare room. If you’ve missed the earlier stages of this plan, click here to catch up. I feel that I’m getting close. You can now wander around in the spare room without tripping over anything. It wouldn’t take much to clear out the one corner that remains cluttered. So I wondered out-loud to Hubby, how in the world are we going to move my computer desk around the corner into the new office?

I built my computer desk from one of those kits from K-Mart. It weighs a ton. I have visions of hernias and emergency trips to the emergency room with blown disks and smashed toes. I’d really like to avoid that scenario.

Hubby comments, you’ve got a long way to go in that room yet. I gave him a very eloquent “nuh-uh!” He went on to say that this wasn’t something we would be getting to this winter anyhow. I assured him, we most certainly would get to it this winter. And soon. One afternoon, I boasted, is all I need to get things ready to go.

So we discussed various possibilities on how to move the monstrous desk and pretty much settled on nothing. I was not satisfied. On my regular Friday shopping trip, I picked up a package of Super Sliders which promises to effortlessly slide heavy furniture. The package contains four reusable sliders with non-stick gripper pads. It seemed easy enough. Too easy, most likely. I had my doubts, but I brought them home and proudly showed them to Hubby.

“Take the back,” he said. Then he asked me how serious I was about moving my desk into the spare room. I assured him I hadn’t thrown out mountains of junk that had been stored in there because I had nothing better to do. I’m deadly serious. Coming from a writer of murder mysteries, he took me at my word and announced that his uncle and cousin were coming over Monday evening to help him with something else and while they were here, they would move my desk.

Panic seized me. I thought I had a good month or two of nagging before I’d really get him moving on the project. Now I have to actually get that corner cleaned out. I have to get the trunk that sits where I want my desk emptied and moved out of the room. It’s heavy, too, but I can handle it. I’ve done it before. But I have to take all the “stuff” out of it first.

And I have to clean off my desk. Not only the paper clutter, of which there is a lot, but also my books, my printer/scanner/copier AND the actually computer. I have to disconnect all those wires and remember how they go so I can reconnect them.

Panic really doesn’t begin to cover it.

I got a bit of a start yesterday, but today is Monday, Moving Day. Hubby has left for work with orders to have supper ready at 3:30 when he gets home and then at 4:00, the heavy work begins.

My back aches just thinking about it. And as I sit here writing this, I’m ogling the mounds of papers that prevent me from seeing the wood surface of my desk.

I have a full day ahead of me. But the next time you hear from me, I should be relocated into my “new office.” I’ll be able to shut the door on the distractions in my life and produce pages and pages of work.

Hey, a gal can dream.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


Kristine said… careful what you wish for for, huh? I hope it goes well tonight. Once your new office is finished, I expect to see lots and lots of pages written. I hope you'll post pictures, too. I can't wait to see how it all ends up.
Joyce said…
Congrats on the new office, Annette. I too, hope to see (or at least hear about) lots of pages (maybe to make up for ones I haven't been writing, lol).

Looking forward to seeing photos!

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