Procrastination and the Blog

Procrastination is a wonderful thing. I’ve been doing a bit of it myself this morning, mainly because I don’t know what to write about in this post. So I’ve been trawling the waters of the Internet for inspiration.

For those of us writers who do our writing on a computer as opposed to on paper with pen, the Internet is all too enticing. And since I went wireless a year ago, it’s entirely too easy. It’s always on, so just click and there’s my email. Another click and I can check on the latest news and weather (although I tend to try to avoid that…too depressing). Click again and I can browse all my favorite blogs.

Ah, blogs. The bane of anyone trying to get any work done. They are so much fun and there are so many of them. I could spent a full day just reading all my favorites and never get around to adding to the word count of my novel. But this morning, as my goal is to come up with a new post for my own contribution to writerly distraction everywhere, searching other blogs has offered a wealth of entertainment, if not ideas.

My friend Kristine has also been having trouble coming up with a blog topic, but her ramblings and especially the link to an adorable little online Christmas card kept me entertained and left me smiling. Check it out.

And over at the Lipstick Chronicles, Margie’s at it again. You must be old enough to vote to read her stuff, though.

One of my favorite one-click-away distractions is the Burgh Blog. Pitt Girl cracks me up. Anymore, when something happens around the city that is remotely interesting, my gut reaction is “I wonder what Pitt Girl is going to have to say about that?”

And over at my other home, Working Stiffs, my friend Meryl has posted what could be the new Christmas story of our time. Commercialism, the frenzy of finding the most popular and understocked gift of the season, but with a twist of goodwill and the true spirit of giving.

So if you’re stuck or bored and need a few moments of distraction, check out your favorite blogs. Hopefully, this is one of them.

And while you’re at it, check out my short story, “A Signature in Blood” in the Winter issue of Mysterical-e Magazine.


Kathy Rodgers said…
Hi Annette,
I loved your story, "Signature in Blood".
And your 'moving into your new space' story.
I did just the opposite. I gave up my writing space to make room for the Christmas tree, which goes to show you how small my space is anyway. So I'm sharing space with my husband, one who eats at the computer and leaves crumbs behind. Uggh! We never take the tree down til the New Year, so in the meantime, I am using paper and pen, my laptop, and a very small version of my storyboard.

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