Major Progress

My cousin Patty is walking!

Mom and I went to visit her on Sunday. It’s been a couple weeks since we’d seen her, since I’ve been down with the sore throat/coughing/sneezing bug and didn’t want to spread my germs. So Patty’s progress seemed all the more astounding. She’s in much better spirits. She laughs and jokes and keeps up her end of the conversation. She can quote you the entire daytime television schedule. She’s up on all the local gossip. And she’s eager to get back to normal. Whatever that is.

Sometime this week, she will be transferred to a rehab center in Pittsburgh for intensive physical therapy. She’s ready. Her pelvis is finally healed enough to support bearing her weight. They’ve had her up on a walker a little at the Washington County Health Center, but they aren’t equipped for the kind of rehab she needs now.

I imagine Sunday’s visit will be our last one to the Health Center. I won’t miss it. I was surprised how hard it was going back to the place where my dad died. But it’s been nice to see Dad’s old nurses and aids and therapists again. They had become like family during those last fifteen months of his life.

Still I don’t much care to go back there again any time soon. For Patty, it’s time to move on and to begin the process of reclaiming her life.

Mom and I have a standing date with her. A day out of shopping and lunch whenever she’s up to it. I suspect that will be sooner than any of us think.


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