Roller Coaster Week

When I was a kid I loved the roller coaster. All those ups and downs and twists and turns sent me into bursts of joyous laughter. I still enjoy the amusement park variety of roller coasters, although my neck can’t tolerate the new super-fast steel coasters. But my life is becoming a roller coaster ride again, and this one, I’m not enjoying so much.

Down: Sammie is still not eating well. In fact, she’s eating less now than before her visit to the vet last week. The tumor under her tongue is preventing her from using her tongue properly. I have to pick up some syringes at the vet’s office and try syringe feeding her next.

Up: Ray finally finished my new book case for the living room. It houses my growing to-be-read collection. Formerly, the books were stacked on the floor in six or seven piles which toppled over frequently. Now, my reading space is neat and clutter-free. There’s even room for more books!

Down: I lost another cousin to cancer this week.

Up: Patty has finally been transferred to the rehab facility in the city. They expect that she’ll only need to be there a couple of weeks and then she’ll be ready to come home.

Through the ups and downs, I continue to work on revisions to my manuscript, although this time it’s more of a polish. After I send it to my readers and get it back, THEN I will officially dive into a third draft. Current goal: get it in the mail to my first readers early next week.


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