One Year and Counting...

Writing, etc. is one year old today! Happy anniversary to me!

A year ago I launched this blog with no idea of where it was going. Most days that’s still true. But along the way I’ve picked up some new readers. I do track such things, so it’s nice to see the numbers growing slowly, but steadily.

A year ago I feared I would run out of things to write about. Ha! I need not have worried. Life keeps providing me with more than enough material on a wide range of subject matter.

I always enjoy hearing from my readers, everyone from family members near and far to folks I have never met, but feel like I have. I’m grateful for those of you who post comments as well as those who email me. Please stick with me.

Shortly after I began this journey a year ago, I signed with my agent and anticipated that my blog would be filled with tales about the path to publication. In a sense it has been. I’ve learned that the path to publication involves a lot of waiting. And writing. And waiting. And dealing with life while you write and wait. That’s basically what’s been going on here. I keep waiting. I keep writing. And I keep on dealing with all the daily “stuff” that crops up. So it goes.

I plan to continue what I’m doing. I’ll keep you posted on the progress and lack of progress in my writing career. Occasionally, I hope something I have to say might inspire those of you who are also on that path. Other times, I’ll keep family and friends posted on what’s going on around here. And in between I’ll write about whatever strikes my fancy on any particular day. I hope you continue to stop by to visit. I enjoy having you around.


Joyce said…
Happy Anniversary, Annette!
Kristine said…
Congratulations, Annette! I hope you stick around, too. You're doing a great job with this blog. Keep up the good work!

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