Having My Say

Last month Arbitron asked us to report our radio-listening habits to them for one week. It was kind of fun, even though I don’t listen to the radio very much. That week, I made a point of listening to the stations that I especially like, just so the ratings people would know.

I’m not sure if the Arbitron thing had anything to do with it, but we’ve now been chosen by the Nielsen people to keep a diary of what we watch on TV for one week. Beginning today. THIS excites me. As much as I complain about what’s on television these days, NOW I can actually do something about it. I can make a point of watching and noting the shows I like and NOT watching the ones I don’t.

I really wish Big Brother were on right now. I would NOT watch it. Never have, never will. Same goes for all those silly “reality” shows. And the current glut of game shows with their harsh, hi-tech lighting effects. I won’t be watching those, either.

Okay, so we will watch Survivor. But it was the first of the reality shows. The rest were copies. Hubby is still hooked on it, although I only glance at it on occasion. But according to the Nielson ratings, the Dashofy family watches Survivor.

And CSI. Again, the original. The others just don’t do it for me.

Speaking of initials, I’m hooked on NCIS. I love Mark Harmon, but the entire cast is superb. I will make a point of being home to watch that one.

I also like House, but can never seem to find it. I’ll make an extra effort this week.

And then there’s Criminal Minds. I’m disappointed that Mandy Patinkin left, but I still like the show.

As far as comedies go, the only one that consistently makes me chuckle anymore is Rules of Engagement.
Oh, how I miss the old classy comedies like Murphy Brown, Designing Women, Frazier, and MASH. Yes, I know they’re still around on cable, but I don’t have cable. I don’t have a dish. All I have is network television and an antenna that badly needs replaced.

There are shows on PBS that will get noted in my Nielsen journal, too. We love PBS.

So there will be no mindless TV viewing this week. This is our one chance to make our likes and dislikes known, to have our say on what the networks force-feed us.

Besides, I really don’t want the world to know that we watch The Insider every night. (Hey, there’s nothing else on right then!)


Becky said…
Sorry Annette no House this week and if Fred is right he will not be on next week either. I'm really going to miss House I can't get enough of him. You can rent the first two seasons but beware you will be watching for hours I did.
Joyce said…
I usually don't like sitcoms, but I stumbled upon one the other night called "Pushing Up Daisies." It was really different and funny. I'm going to try to tune in next week--if I can remember when it's on.
Annette said…
Rats, Becky. I didn't realize House wasn't going to be on this week. That's what I get for dropping my subscription to TV Guide.

Joyce, I'll have to check out Pushing Up Daisies. It sounded like a cute premise when I saw the previews, but I didn't know how they would sustain a whole series on it. Anyhow, I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation.

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