Witches and Writing

Have I mentioned lately that I am ready for life to slow down? What I wouldn’t give to know what “boredom” means.

Monday, I had my regular appointment with my dermatologist. Being fair skinned and of the generation before all the hype about sunblocks, I have had my share of sunburns. Now I’ve reached an age where they are coming back to haunt me. My freckles have turned to age spots (I hate that term). It seems every time I show the doctor a freckle or mole that I think might be something, it’s actually nothing and those that I expect to be nothing turn out to be something.

That was the case Monday when I had to have pre-cancerous sun spot frozen. On my nose. Dead center on my face. In case you don’t know, when they freeze one of these things, you’re left with a nasty red welt for a couple weeks. Dead center on my face. I’m thinking of getting a black pointy hat and just pretending to be in a Halloween witch’s costume for a while. I’ve got the wart on the nose thing taken care of.

The good news is that Dr. Seraly has also given me a prescription for some cream that will heal my sun-damaged skin so I won’t get so many of these darned things. It will also clear up those freckles/age spots. So I’m a Halloween witch doing cartwheels.

Speaking of Halloween, there is a Haunted House party tonight at the Washington Health Center and I’m taking my mom. She’s never been to a Halloween party, so this will be interesting. With less than a week until her next doctor’s appointment, any distraction is good.

And since I’m going to visit her tonight, I get to stay home this morning. And WRITE! I’m thrilled! I have that short story I’ve been working on and last weekend’s mystery workshop gave me lots of ideas that I haven’t had time to use. So I plan to hunker down in my writing cave and accomplish something for a change.

A writer writing. What a concept!


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