Heat and Insomnia

We’ve had no word from either the electrician or the heating/air conditioning people regarding when we’re going to get rolling with the new heat pump project. And considering we’re in the middle of a major heatwave, I admit to a little impatience. I also admit to some insomnia.

I can’t sleep when it’s hot. Plus I’m at an age where I can create my own heat, especially at night. Bad combination. Open windows and ceiling fans just aren’t cutting it.

So I gave up and dragged myself out of bed while it was still dark out and promptly stepped in cat barf. Lovely. I guess it’s going to be one of THOSE days.

Did I mention I’m out of my favorite organic coffee and am stuck with the cheap stuff? I’m also out of Skye’s favorite cat food (she barfed the last of it up early this morning, which is what I stepped in). So she’d none too happy either. Good thing I’m going shopping today.


Have you ever considered acupuncture for your insomnia? Acupuncture is a wonderful treatment for insomnia that people don't often think about. I've helped a lot of people with insomnia. Often they fall asleep right then during treatment, but they almost always report getting to sleep faster and staying asleep through the night. It's also great for hot flashes. You should look for a good acupuncturist in your area.

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