My Birthday

Some people have parties for their birthdays. I’ve reached an age where I usually just ignore them. But yesterday, I enjoyed a phenomenal birthday. And it wasn’t that we did something extravagant. We simply did something we do on a regular basis. The gift came from Mother Nature. It didn’t rain.

We went to Ohiopyle and rode bikes.

Since it was the middle of the week, there were no crowds. The rain we’ve been having almost daily had cleared out and taken the humidity with it. The mountain laurel was in bloom, but storms the previous night had left it looking a little tattered. A chipmunk sat on the edge of the trail and watched us cruise by. Even a deer seemed unimpressed by our passage.

I stopped and tried to get some photos, but in the dense woods, it’s difficult to see her in there, looking over her shoulder.

After our ride and a picnic, we returned to the car and drove to Confluence, a small town further up the river. Along the way, we stopped to take in this view.

See why I love this place?

Our trip to Confluence was something of a scouting mission. With gas prices soaring into the stratosphere, we can no longer afford the gas for the truck to haul our camper. We’re contemplating finding a permanent site for it and a small campground at Confluence is on hubby’s list of possibilities. The location is good. He can walk to some nice fishing spots, which is what he did yesterday. The bike trail is right there or I could ride into and around town, which is how I spent the two hours hubby went fishing. The campground even boasts a little ice cream joint, which has darn good chocolate malts. How do I know? I sampled one, of course. Hey, I’ve reached my goal weight and am not trying to lose any more. And with all that bike riding, I figured I could splurge a little. While I sipped my malt, I read a couple chapters of a book I’d taken along.

No decision was made regarding the permanent campsite. But I could live with this one.


Kristine said…
Happy Belated Birthday again, Annette. I'm glad you enjoyed your day. It sounds wonderful.

Congratulations on meeting your goal weight! I know how hard it is. I've lost 30 pounds since Kyra was born, and I have 10 more pounds to go until I hit my goal weight--a number I haven't seen since my wedding in 2001.

Good luck finding the permanent camping site. I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot. And chocolate malts! Life doesn't get much better than that.
Annette said…
Thanks, Kristine. And congratulations on your weight loss, too! Isn't it a good feeling??

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