Day Trip

Hubby and I managed to sneak away on Saturday. We drove out to Ohio’s Amish country. Most years we make this trip two, maybe three times. Last year, we didn’t get there at all. So although the weather was a tad cold and there were some pesky snowflakes in the air, off we went.

I had my camera with me and intended to take pictures. But the Amish are a little (actually a LOT) shy about being photographed. Therefore, the camera stayed in my purse. Also, I admit…I was lazy about the photography thing.

We made the rounds. Brunch at the Dutch Valley Restaurant, a stop in Sugarcreek at the clock shop, and our regular stop at a non-touristy leather shop where I bought new gloves, a cute (and hopefully effective) little “bat” to use on Admiral when he starts flinging his head in my face (provided the weather ever allows us to go riding again!) and a little gift for my friend, Sara, for letting me lay claim to Admiral. (Don’t get too excited, Sara. It’s not that much).

Our next stop was Lehman’s Hardware in Kidron. They’ve remodeled and enlarged the place which was already HUGE. We wandered aimlessly in there for a couple of hours. I could have spent several thousands of dollars at that store. I REALLY want one of these. But if you note the price, you'll see why I still have my 26 year old Roper Range. I wouldn't mind having this either. Instead, I think I spent $12. If you ever get the chance, you MUST go there.

Exhausted, we made our way back south to Charm. I found a used saddle I really liked in the boot shop there, but since I am about to become minimally employed, I figured I’d better not spend the money. Rats. Sometimes I hate to be practical.

After supper, we headed home. As we drove along the shore of Lake Tappan, I saw the most incredible sight. Thousands and thousands of seagulls soaring over the lake. White specks in the air for as far as the eye could see. Gazillions of them. Over LAKE TAPPAN in OHIO! We’re not talking Lake Erie here. I had to wonder if the seagulls arriving at Lake Tappan was anything like the swallows returning to Capistrano.

Hubby also spotted quite a few deer. I guess the wildlife has been suffering from cabin fever and needed a day out, too.


Joyce said…
I love Lehman's! Even browsing their catalog that I get in the mail can take several hours.

My three sisters and I are heading to Amish country for our annual "Sisters Weekend" at the end of the month. We're staying at the Amish Door Inn.

Have you gone to the huge antique store in Walnut Creek near the Carlisle Inn? (Another nice place to stay.) I could spend an entire day in there!
Anonymous said…
About those sea gulls: Have you been to the Pointe at North Fayette lately? No need to go to the ocean. I wonder what they find there.
Becky said…
Annette said…
Yes, Doris, I have seen them at the Pointe. And, Becky, that article definitely explains why they're here. But I'm still amazed by sheer numbers of them! I swear every gull from the Atlantic coast must have been blown inland by the blizzard!

Joyce, have a great time out there. I don't recall if I've been to that antique store or not. We tend to gravitate toward the less touristy places off the beaten path.
Sara said…
The range and fridge are too swell! You definitely need those to go with your house. Definitely. Tell Ray.

Hey, thanks for thinking of me in your travels!! Dang, should've asked you to get me a 'bat' for Nikki too. That's my next ingredient for trying to get her to just-lope-not-buck.
Joyce said…
A lot of locals seem to go to that antique store. They have a sign over a box on the porch that tells shoppers if they buy something after hours to just put their money in the box. Can you imagine someone doing that around here?
Becky said…
Annette I would loved to have seen all the gulls. If you can't be at the beach watching them here creates a great fantasy.

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