Draft Two: Day One

While I had intended on letting the first draft sit and simmer for a bit, I hadn’t planned on the simmering stage to last so long. But life has been happening and I decided it was easier to go with the flow than struggle against it. Therefore, I haven’t touched my manuscript in what seems like ages.

However, today—barring more unforeseen circumstances—that shall change.

Hubby is away with his uncle and cousins at their hunting camp. He left yesterday. I promptly spent the day cleaning house in the hopes that it might stay relatively clutter-free for a few days. Today, with a clean house and a fairly blank appointment book, I plan to snuggle in with the printed version of my manuscript. I’ll have a notepad, several different colored pens, and sticky notes at hand. I will read the entire thing straight through, making notes as I go about things that need to be changed, added, or deleted.

I can’t wait to begin. I’ve been pushing “the voices” to the back of my head for weeks now. But they’ve been getting louder.

(Don’t call for the guys in white coats. I’m a writer. I’m supposed to hear voices in my head. It’s a job requirement.)

Anyhow, it’s time to give the voices free rein once again. Re-immerse myself in that world where my characters live.

Let Draft Two begin!


Love the draft two stage! Kind of exciting, isn't it?
kristinecoblitz said…
Sounds good, Annette! I'm not one for simmering too long, either. Plus you have to take advantage of those prime writing opportunities when they are presented to you.

Enjoy the second draft! It's a lot more fun than the first one, huh?

I'm looking forward to reading it. (You can still count on me as an early reader if you need me.) I'm hoping to finish my draft up soon so I can send it to you.

Happy Writing!
Annette said…
Jamie, yes it is. Although now is when I start stressing over perfecting the first chapter. THAT part I don't love so much.

Kristine, I absolutely need you as a first reader. I'm looking forward to reading yours, too!
Jemi Fraser said…
Sounds fun! I don't print out anything - ever - but it sounds so cozy and relaxing. Might have to try it that way :)
Annette said…
Jemi, I catch all kinds of things in a hard copy read-through that I miss on the computer.

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