Monday Musings

I thought I’d be well into my revisions by now. The first draft is printed and sitting on the table in my office, waiting. And waiting.

Unfortunately, life sometimes throws monkey wrenches into our plans and such has been the case. I’ll blog about what’s been going on in a future post, but suffice it to say certain things have required my time and energy that otherwise would have been funneled into my writing.

Here we are. The week leading up to Thanksgiving. Where the heck did the year go? The holidays always seem to sneak up on me and slap me upside the head. I think it could be because I tend to plug my fingers in my ears and sing “La-la-la-la-la” when the topic comes up.

Actually, I like Thanksgiving. A lot. And it has little to do with the food. Being a vegetarian, I don’t eat turkey. I’m not crazy about pumpkin. But I like getting together with my family. And I love the whole gratitude thing.

Then comes Friday. Call it Black Friday, if you will. I promise you I will NOT be in the stores. I’ll spare you my annual rant on shopping madness. At least for today. I know I won’t make it through the next month without hitting on it at some point. But for me, Friday is the day when revision madness starts. Hubby will be leaving for his family’s hunting camp this weekend and I’ll have the house to myself. I’m blocking off the bulk of next week for writing. Beginning on Friday afternoon, I’ll be curled up in a chair reading my manuscript. I’ll have a bunch of sticky notes at my side and a variety of different colored pens clutched in my hand. (I love those Pilot G-2 gelpens in all their different shades of blue, green, and red.) I won’t have to cook. Leftovers!

By Sunday—or Monday at the latest—I’ll be ready to dive back into that world and start whipping that WIP into shape.

I can’t wait.

You all have fun at the mall. I’ll be hunkered down in my cave.


Becky said…
Oh I'll be having lots of fun at the mall I'll be working Midnight to 8am Black Friday. But for me Midnight is still Thursday. So I hope the shoppers come with a smile but you know that will only last so long.
Becky said…
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Jemi Fraser said…
Best Thanksgiving wishes to you - as a Canadian, we've already had ours :) Enjoy your solo time - sounds great!
Annette said…
A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jemi.

Becky, good thing you're already a natural night owl. I'd be passed out asleep over the cash register.
Becky said…
I agree but I'm wondering if I should get in a few winks before I start.

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