Remodeling the Cave: Part Two

In case you’re wondering, I survived the weekend. Barely.

It took all blessed day Saturday to pack up all my “stuff” from my office and to find places to put it in the rest of the house. Boxes filled the living room. Assorted items edged the periphery of the bedroom. And still does.

I left some things for Sunday simply because I didn’t want to block the side door. Somewhere in the back of my overactive brain, I kept hearing a nagging voice saying, “What if there’s a fire.”

So I saved that space. Until yesterday.

I’d disconnected the computer, but left it in the office until the last minute. Sunday morning, the computer, the cabinet drawers, and any office furniture that was light enough to move out or that was on wheels, headed out into what little space remained elsewhere in the house. The bed was covered as were most of the couch and all the chairs.

My office may be the smallest room in the house (except for the bathroom), but inch-for-inch, it contained the most stuff.

It didn’t take nearly as long to rip up the carpet and lay the new floor as it took to clear the space. It’s done. It’s beautiful. And most importantly, when I reconnected my computer, it worked! First try!

Sometimes I amaze myself.

As of this morning, my office furniture has been moved back into place. Drawers have been replaced into cabinets. But the rest of the stuff is still in boxes. My desk looks so bare. The only things in front of me, besides the computer, are my phone, a lamp, some pens, and a stapler.

I’ve taken today off from writing to put things away. Not everything that came out of this room is coming back into it.

Anyone know where I can find a dumpster?

Tomorrow, I hope to get back to writing. And by then I should have some before and after pictures to post here.


Alan Orloff said…
Glad to see you made it! For what it's worth, I don't use a dumpster--I put all my unwanted junk in my teenager's room. He doesn't even notice!
Jemi Fraser said…
LOL - I love Alan's suggestion :)

Congrats on computer-reconnect-first-try. That's exciting!
Annette said…
Unfortunately, there are no teenagers in the house, Alan. But like Jemi, I like the suggestion.

Thanks, Jemi. I impressed the heck outta myself over that accomplishment, too.
VR Barkowski said…
Congrats, Annette. I'm very impressed! While my Mac is plug and go, I also have two PCs that I wouldn't consider trying to reconnect by myself. In fact, my better half has suggested it's my primary reason for keeping him around all these years (honest, it's only one of them).
Annette said…
VR, you're lucky! My husband is technologically challenged. I'm the one who has to wire all the electronics around here.

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