...and Looking Ahead

It’s the last day of 2009 (good riddance!) and apparently, I’m supposed to come up with some goals for 2010. The whole “goal” thing seems to be coming at me from all corners this week. Everywhere I turn, I’m being told to SET GOALS.

I should warn you…I’m in a menopausal funk, and my cat has been throwing up all over the house all day. She doesn’t act sick. Basically, I think she’s adding her own touches to the décor. Bleh. As a result, I’m bordering on crabby, so my goals may not be as high-minded and optimistic as I’d like.

But here goes…

1. I would like to stay in closer touch with my friends this year. I think I may have used this one last year. Not sure I did all that well in fulfilling it. I’ll try to do better.

2. As for writing, I want to have my current manuscript’s second draft completed by March and a polished version ready by May. On one hand, that seems like plenty of time. On the other hand, OH MY GOD, I need to spend more time writing.

3. Spend more time writing.

4. After two failed years of this particular goal, I’m not going to even pretend that I can write a short story each month and/or pitch and/or write a nonfiction piece each month. Not while trying to attain goal #2. So I’m shooting for a more reasonable goal of writing a couple of short stories AFTER I finish the manuscript. And I hope to pitch a handful of magazine articles to Pennsylvania Magazine over the course of the year. I have one about ready to go, so that takes care of January.

5. I can’t tell you this one yet. I will in a couple of weeks, if not sooner. I promise. A few of my close writing friends already know my plans, but everyone else will just have to make wild assumptions for a while. Or email me and maybe I’ll tell you.

6. I can tell you this one, though. It would appear that I’m going to be president of the Mary Roberts Rinehart (Pittsburgh) chapter of Sisters in Crime for 2010. I guess this isn’t really a goal. Hmm. Let me rephrase it. My goal is to NOT SCREW UP the Mary Roberts Rinehart chapter of Sisters in Crime during 2010. There.

And that’s all the goal-making I can handle for now. Happy New Year! May 2010 be a huge improvement over 2009 in so many ways.


Jemi Fraser said…
Those are some great goals! Good luck in achieving them :) Hope you have a wonderful year - and I look forward to the revelation of the secret goal!
VR Barkowski said…
Congratulations on the SinC Chapter presidency, Annette. That's fantastic! Like Jemi, I look forward to details on your undisclosed goal. :)

I hope 2010 brings you every thing you wish for and more!
Annette said…
Thanks, VR and Jemi. As for the presidency, basically no one else wanted the job! And don't get too excited about the secret goal. I'm not looking forward to it much. It's something I need to quit putting off and JUST DO IT.

I love creating suspense! Heh heh.
Becky said…
May 2010 be a huge improvement over 2009 in so many ways. AMEN!!!

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