Looking back...

Traditionally, the week between Christmas and New Years is a week of reflection over the past and making goals or resolutions for the future.

This morning, I’m still solidly wrapped up in reflection.

The first half of the year passed in a frenzied blur of conference planning. It was
the biggest task I’ve ever taken on and I feel stronger as a result. I made lots of contacts and new friends. And I learned a new meaning for gratitude: having a major event come together and be a success with no monumental disasters in the process.

And never having to do it again.

I spent the biggest part of the second half of the year playing catch-up. I finished the first draft of my current novel. I wrote and sold two articles to Pennsylvania Magazine.
I spent quite a bit of time with my hubby at our new camp. Family obligations had kept our vacation time to a minimum for the last few years, so being able to escape for a weekend here and a week there was nothing short of bliss. We also tackled some home improvement tasks, which have made our home look and feel new again.

However, the last few months have provided a new kind of stress. The struggling economy has hit home and left the future of Hubby’s employment in question. We still don’t know what the coming months (or even weeks) hold for us in that department. And that uncertainty tends to cast a shadow over what otherwise might have been considered a glowing 2009.

Next: Looking ahead to a new year and a new decade.


Jemi Fraser said…
The economy is making life very uncertain for so many people. I wish you all the best in your future :)
Annette said…
Thanks, Jemi. It's definitely tough all over.
VR Barkowski said…
Last year at this time my partner's position was in question. Three months later, it disappeared. After an eight month job search, we're now in Atlanta. It's certainly not how I expected to end 2009, but while we can't always predict our future, we can always look ahead and hope.

There's nothing more stressful than uncertainty, so be kind and patient with yourself and Hubby. Wishing you much success and happiness in 2010!

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