Camping Season Begins

On Good Friday, Hubby and I had taken advantage of his day off, and we drove to our camp in Confluence. It was just a day trip, not an overnighter. We checked on the condition of the camper, rode bikes, and left some supplies.

I also left another item. My wallet. And not intentionally.

It was mid week before I realized it. I needed my charge card to order something online. When I went to my purse…no wallet. There was a brief moment of panic before I realized what I’d done. I’d put my wallet in the bag I carry on my bike when I ride and had then left the bag in the camper without first removing the wallet.

I had no money in it. Only my driver’s license, registration cards, insurance cards, auto club cards, and every single credit card I own. ONLY.

So we just HAD to go back this weekend.

The plan was to leave Friday after work, but my mom wasn’t feeling well. That’s a whole other story. Suffice it to say, she’s fine now, and we managed to leave early Saturday morning. And by “we” I mean, Hubby, me, and Skye the Camping Kitty. I wasn’t sure if she’d remember the camper and feared we might spend the weekend with her trying to readjust. But she was perfectly content.

There were quite a few other campers taking advantage of the lovely weather in spite of the fact that the campground doesn’t “officially” open until next weekend. However, our “next door neighbors” decided to move. He came in and hooked up his truck and hauled the camper away. Said he was headed to Georgia. He left behind a huge gap and an equally huge deck.

We contemplated moving our camper down one spot to take advantage of the porch, but decided to stay where we are. Besides, that deck is bigger than our camper!

We did, however, raid the empty campsite and scavenged an old ladder and a picnic table.

The rest of the weekend was spent riding bikes, reading, and visiting friends we’ve made in Confluence, our home-away-from-home.

Now, I turn my camp over to the guys for a few weekends during the opening of trout season. Skye and I will stay home and enjoy a little solitude.


Jemi Fraser said…
Whew - glad it all turned out - I panic when my wallet isn't where I expect. Camping season is such fun!! :)
Tracy said…
There are few things worse than not knowing where your wallet is. I am glad that the camping season is here myself. It is time to soak up some sun.
Annette said…
Thankfully, the panic over the lost wallet was fleeting. I KNEW where it was. Two hours away!

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