A New Chapter

Some days you’re the bug, and some days you’re the windshield. Don’t know where I picked up that quote, but it feels appropriate today.

We’ve known it was coming for quite some time now, but this afternoon, my husband, like so many others in this economy, lost his job. He’d been there for 32 years, so he’s a little rusty at his job search skills.

It’s the health insurance issues that are most scary. If it weren’t for that, we’d just kick back and pretend to be an old retired couple for a while.

As is, I’ve suddenly become the “bread winner.” HA! That’s REALLY scary, too. Don’t suppose anyone out there has any freelance work for a hungry writer, do you?

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Okay, back to writing. With a vengeance.


Becky said…
Dan & Steve went with Assurant Health. Its like $100 or so for each person. $500 deductible. Go for the Short term they where able to pay monthly for a year.
Becky said…
Of course I realize that their age had alot to do with the lower premiums. But it couldn't hurt to just take a look.

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