Photo Friday: Farm Market

I write a column for a local online network about local people, places, and events. This time I've selected to write about my friends and neighbors (out here in the country, you can live a couple of miles away and still be neighbors) who own a farm market. This is just one of the photos I snapped.

Now I need to get busy and write the column. It was due last weekend.


Mason Canyon said…
Now this looks like a place I could get lost in for awhile.

Thoughts in Progress
Sara said…
Cool! And Thanks! And Great Picture! My pictures never come out that well in there. I think you've earned an ice cream cone for that ;) hee!
Jemi Fraser said…
We have a great farmer's market here too. Great photo :)
Ann Best said…
I just found you. You're close to me. I'm in Harrisonburg, Virginia. This vivid "market" photo caught my eye. I love it.

I'll be back.
Hywela Lyn said…
Hi, just found you from Sharon Donovan's site. I love the horse on your website. It reminds me of my little buckskin mare, Sally, who went across the Rainbow Bridge to years ago. There's a picture of her on my Facebook page and I've sent you a friend requet.

By the way, although I live in the UK, this farm market looks very similar to a farm shop near the village where I live.
Annette said…
Welcome, Ann and Hywela! Glad you both found me!

Farm markets are great, aren't they? And, Sara, I will definitely take you up on the ice cream cone!

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