Embrace the Moment

We spend so much time waiting for things to get better so we can then be happy that we often miss the precious “now” moments.

For instance, things will be better when my husband finds a job. And I land a book deal. I’ll be happier when my elbow heals and my allergies clear up.

There’s always something.

Today is the summer solstice. So since I complain so much about winter, I have to stop and embrace today. The sky is blue. Everything else is that lovely rich green of late spring/early summer. We have more hours of daylight today than any other day. A mockingbird serenades me outside my office window as a gentle breeze ruffle my lace curtains.

Money’s a little tight…so what? Right now I have some time to work on my new manuscript. Right now, my mom is doing well. Right now we have food in the refrigerator and the bills are all paid. Right now my biggest health complaint is a sore elbow. Right now my hubby and I are still best friends in spite of a few trials and tribulations.

Right now life is good. And that’s about the best anyone can ask for.


Mason Canyon said…
I think you 'hit the nail on the head' today. We do forget to embrace the moment and miss so much. Happy Summer Solstice.

Thoughts in Progress
Sara said…
A summer breeze can cover a multitude of sins (and troubles and pains and whining.) Not that I would know *anything* about that whining part :)

Good thoughts!

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