Twitter Dee, Twitter Dumb

There seems to be a love-hate relationship going on in the world with regards to “social networking.” For example, my very private husband hates it. Of course, the very fact that I’ve mentioned him THIS much in this blog is enough to draw a rant from him. So I’ll leave him alone for the rest of it.

I, however, rather enjoy Facebook. Even though I despise the frequent changes to it (Dear People in Charge at Facebook: Why do you reconfigure everything as soon as I finally get comfortable with the LAST changes you made????), I like being in touch with friends I rarely see, as well as being in even closer touch with those I see frequently.

For me it’s a total contrast from my normal life. I’ve lived in the country all my life. More of my neighbors are cattle than humans. I write. A good portion of my time is spent alone.

(I would something here about that last sentence being wishful thinking now that Hubby is unemployed, but I’ve promised to leave him out of this.)

Ah-hem. Moving right along…

As I said, I do like Facebook. I’ve been on it for well over a year.

But then there is Twitter.

I joined Twitter about the same time as I joined Facebook, but was so confused by the whole thing, I quit. Recently I was told I really should join it again. Those who love Twitter, L-O-V-E Twitter. Big time. So, armed with a little bit of information on what to do and what to expect, I signed up. I started following people.

I’ve discovered that if you follow the right people, Twitter can provide a wealth of information. Links to interesting articles and blogs. It reminds me of eavesdropping. If you’re only following one of the people involved, you only hear one side of the conversation. Kind of like listening to someone on the phone. But if you happen to follow BOTH of the people involved, you get both sides of the conversation. It’s weird and interesting at the same time.

My problem is with my own tweets. If I reply to someone else, I feel like I’m butting in on the conversation…except in the case of my few actual friends on Twitter. But the goal (so I’ve been told) is to make new friends.

Frankly, on Twitter I feel like a total stranger in a room full of people who all know each other and are carrying on thousands of deafening conversations. There I stand, forlorn, trying to say “Hi” and not being able to hear any responses over the din.

I want to tell everyone to come over to my page on Facebook where we can sit down and have a cup of coffee and chat. Others may drop in there, but it’s a quiet place to visit.

I’m going to stick around on Twitter. Eavesdropping can be fun and educational. But if you want to strike up a real conversation and be friends, come over to Facebook and write on my wall.

Having said that, I’m extending a plea for help. If you happen to be a Twitter aficionado, please feel free to share any tips and advice with this Twitter greenhorn.


We'll talk tonight. Laurie's being kind enough to give me a lift so I can spare my poor arm.
Jennifer Shirk said…
I didn't "get" twitter at first either. Not that I really get it now, but i DO like the abilty to get information quick. Like texting. :)
Mason Canyon said…
I pretty much feel like you do - a total stranger in a room full of people who all know each other. So next time you're on, say hi and I'll try to figure out how to say hi back. :)

Thoughts in Progress
Jemi Fraser said…
Twitter can feel very awkward to me as well. I find myself most comfortable during the writing chats. Then everyone is jumping in and out, and it's much easier to contribute, to chat and to meet new folks.

I don't do Facebook - there's just not one more minute in the day - so I won't be visiting you there - sorry!
Annette said…
I'm glad to know I'm not alone. I suppose with experience, I'll become more comfortable with it.

Jemi, I think the lack of extra minutes in the day is why I'm so slow catching on to Twitter. Just haven't had the time to really get in there and figure it out.

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