Kensi Update

Spay Day

My little girl is growing up. Kensi, who came to us when we could hold her in one hand, is now a lean, mean mini-panther. And today she will be spayed.

By the time you read this, I’ll have taken her to the vet’s office. She has to be there between 8 and 8:30AM. No food or water after midnight, which means she’s going to be very unhappy.

I’m concerned about how to keep her from popping her stitches. She loves to rip and race around the house. She climbs the knickknack shelves and leaps from them like a flying squirrel. Will a little thing like surgery slow her down? I doubt it.

More to come.


Becky said…
I don't think she'll be doing any flying. Now running around on the floor is another story.
Doris Dumrauf said…
Our Roxy was the same way. I picked her up at the shelter right after surgery. She wasn't supposed to run around for 24 hours, so what did she do? She escaped and ran down the stairs right away! Luckily, her stitches held.
Mason Canyon said…
Hope all went well today.

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