Kensi Update

The Morning After

Kensi came through surgery quite well. I brought her home around 4PM and left her in her travel crate for about an hour per doctor’s orders. She was a bit agitated. I’m not sure if it was from the drugs or from being stuck in that crate. Or both. But once I let her out, she started wandering around the house, exploring and making sure nothing had changed in her 9-hour absence.

This morning I’ve given her the prescribed pain medication and she wolfed down her breakfast. Her post-op orders call for “no running” which makes me laugh. Yeah, right. Although so far her sore tummy is relegating her to a reasonable pace. And while she managed to jump into bed with us last night and climb to her favorite perch on the knickknack stand this morning, she’s not scaling grand heights as per her norm.

So I guess all I can say is so-far-so-good.


Mason Canyon said…
Sounds like everything is on track. Hopefully she'll rest well for a few days and be off and running in no time.

Thoughts in Progress
Annette said…
I kind of like the quieter version. But I do suspect she'll be back to her old whirling dervish self very soon.

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