There's snow denying it--It's winter

I just saw my first snowflakes of the year. That’s not to say it’s the first snow we’ve had. I’ve been told by my mother and by my hubby that it has snowed a couple of times before. But I only this morning put my eyeglasses on during one of these flurries to see it for myself.

I’m basically blind without my glasses. I used to wear contacts, but about ten years ago, something interesting happened. While my contacts still allowed me to see things in the distance, words on the printed page became blurred. Eventually, I couldn’t read at all. Unless I put on glasses. After five years of this, I concluded, since I do quite a lot of reading, I was wearing glasses most of the time anyway. So I gave up and switched to trifocals.

However, if I’m bopping around the house, I frequently go with naked eyes. I can see fine up close. I can read. If I lean toward the monitor a little, I can work on the computer. But my whole world exists in about a four foot radius of my face. Beyond that, without correction, I can’t see. Or what I do see resembles a Monet painting. All soft and fuzzy.

And without glasses, unless we’re talking blizzard, I can’t see snow flakes outside my window.

Sometimes, I love living in my own private state of denial. I’m not ready for shoveling. My car needs new snow tires, and who wants to waste perfectly good spending money on such drudgery?

Maybe I’ll just leave my glasses off for the rest of winter.


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