Blog Tour: Writers Who Kill

I'm launching my blog tour with a fun interview at Writers Who Kill. E.B. Davis posed some wonderfully interesting question to me. Plus, anyone who comments on the WWK blog will be entered to win a signed ARC of Circle of Influence.

Speaking of giveaways, I still have one running at Goodreads, too!

And as of last night, you can pre-order a print copy at Barnes and Noble! Of course, if you want a signed copy, those can be ordered through my always favorite indy bookstore, Mystery Lovers Bookshop.

In other news, it looks like winter might finally be loosening its strangle hold on us. I decided yesterday that Tuesday morning's zero temperature was the LAST of the wicked cold. And if anyone tells me something different, they're in danger or serious harm.

Are you listening, weathermen??? NO MORE WICKED COLD.

Hubby reported seeing a groundhog killed on the road yesterday. I wasn't surprised. Some motorist went gunning for ol' Phil, I'm sure.

Come on, Spring!


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