Blog Tour

I've been blog touring this week to celebrate the official release of Circle of Influence, which is much less stressful than actual travel. I can meet and greet readers while sitting here in my PJs and slippers!

I have two stops today.

Mysteristas interviewed me with a lot of good questions that made me stop and think. I hope my answers entertain you.

At Pens Fatales, I'm telling tales on my mom. We love each other dearly, but she is totally bamboozled by this thing I do for a living.

I did a few blogs earlier in the week, too, and if you missed them, here are the links.

Monday, I was interviewed by Canyon Mason on Thoughts in Progress.

Tuesday, Zoe Chambers, the "star" of Circle of Influence, took over the writing duties and shared a typical day in her life at Dru's Book Musings.

I also was given the floor at my wonderful publisher, Henery Press' blog.

Next week, I'm taking a blog break so I can finish my revisions on Lost Legacy, the next Zoe Chambers mystery, due out this September!


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