T minus 3 days and counting.

Saturday is the publication party for Circle of Influence at Mystery Lovers Bookshop. I liken the feeling to being inside a rocket on the launch pad. I can feel the engines rumbling beneath me as I wait for take-off.

All right, so that’s a tad over-dramatic. The only thing rumbling beneath me is my nerves.

Folks have been RSVPing, so I’m not so much afraid no one will show up as I once was. The books are at the store, ready to be unpacked. Check that one off the list. I’m worried about the weather—although the forecast for Saturday looks okay at the moment.

So just when it seems I should be able to relax—Hubby gets sick. Poor baby. But I dare his cold germs to think about attacking me next. Don’t EVEN. I’m sure the day will be a blur without the added benefit of me being doped up on antihistamines and decongestants.

Germs, if you ARE insistent on taking me as your next victim, at least have the decency to wait until Sunday to strike.

As a prelude to the party, I’m heading north to Ford City Library Thursday evening to take part in a Writing Discussion Panel alongside my good pal and critique partner Jeff Boarts. If you’re in the area, come on by.

Let the countdown continue. 


Joyce Tremel said…
Load up on zinc and vitamin C! It always works for me.

Can't wait til Saturday!
Annette said…
Thanks, Joyce. I will. I'm also wiping down every surface he touches with Lysol.

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