Countdown to Malice: Wednesday

My travel buddy, Martha Reed, has family in Mercersburg, PA, which is on the way to Bethesda. She asked if it would be possible for us to leave a day earlier than our original plan so she could see them and attend a function at the school here. She promised to put me up in my own hotel room so I could unwind a bit before the big weekend. Hubby was fine with the plan, so we hit the road this afternoon.

What Martha didn't tell me was the "hotel" was actually the Mercersburg Inn, a Georgian mansion, bed and breakfast. Very historical and lovely.

And we're the only two guests in the house. And we're on separate floors!

It's gorgeous! I hope it's not haunted.

I'm thinking it would be a great location for a writers retreat for our Sisters in Crime back home!

Tomorrow: breakfast and then on to Bethesda and Malice Domestic!


Joyce Tremel said…
That is beautiful!
Annette said…
It's absolutely gorgeous!

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