Launch Party for Bridges Burned

I was convinced that maybe three people would show up. I’d had that same fear for my first two launch parties (both of which were smashing successes), but this time I was more convinced than ever. The day before Easter? Everyone had family stuff to do. One friend had a broken leg. Another had hurt her back. Even the owner of the bookstore texted me that she was sick.

No one was going to be there.

And I had a horrible head cold.

Hubby and I arrived way early, expecting traffic that never materialized. No problem. I’d rather arrive early and wait than be late.

Right on time people started rolling in. My local Sisters in Crime. Fellow authors. Old friends. New readers. Before long, we had to set up more chairs.

In spite of my cold, in spite of the holiday weekend, my launch party for Bridges Burned at Mystery Lovers Bookshop was another huge success!

Thanks to my friend (and official photographer of Mystery Lovers), Steve Bucci, for recording the day. 

 Note the hand sanitizer and box of tissues within easy reach.


Joyce Tremel said…
I'm so glad you had a great launch! I love your hair the way you have it styled, too. It's so pretty!
Annette said…
Thanks, Joyce! Yeah, I was having some fun with my hair. Blond highlights and a good hit from the curling iron equals Farrah Fawcett hair!

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