Obsessive and Obnoxious

Yes, I’ve fallen into both of those categories. If there’s any hope, it’s that acknowledging the problem is the first step to recovery. Right?

Today is the official launch of Bridges Burned. 

Granted the online dealers have been shipping print copies for weeks now, and my big launch party was this past Saturday, so you would think the “official” release would be somewhat anticlimactic. Or at least I always think it’s going to be.


Besides the big publicity push for the new book, my brilliant publisher, Henery Press, does the remarkably smart thing and puts the previous book on sale during launch week. So Lost Legacy is available in all e-book versions for only 99 cents.

The deal hit BookBub.

And then Lost Legacy started climbing the sales ratings.

Most of the time, I pay little attention to these numbers. I check on occasion to make sure I’m hanging out in my usual range—adequate, but not newsworthy. But the BookBub thing stirred me to start watching.

I did a happy dance in spite of my lingering case of snuffles and sneezles. Then I posted to Facebook.

And Twitter.

And then the numbers improved. So I updated. 

Squeee! #1 Best Seller in Amazon Cozy Mysteries!

Honestly, my intention wasn’t to brag. I was shocked. Pleasantly so, but shocked nonetheless, and needed others to see that I wasn’t hallucinating.
Lost Legacy at # 2 in Mystery & Crime on Barnes and Noble!

Pretty soon I was annoying even myself. But then Circle of Influence, which wasn't even on sale hit the  B&N list at #30!

Every frigging hour I was on Amazon and Barnes and Noble to see if the trend had reversed.

It hadn't! Lost Legacy hit #1 on B&N!

And Circle of Influence climbed to #14 on Amazon!

I’m done now. Honest. For the moment, things have leveled off. For the moment, I’m trying to control my urge to check ONE MORE TIME.

Oh, and then there’s THIS!

Me??? #10 Mystery author??? Is this a joke?

Okay, starting tomorrow, I promise to be less obsessed and less obnoxious. I promise.  


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