Countdown to Bouchercon--Two Weeks

My first two Bouchercons were easy road trips as well as being pre-publication. My third one was 2014 in Long Beach. I had two books out and therefore could rationalize the plane tickets. I'd never been to the west coast, never seen the Pacific Ocean, and we're talking southern California in NOVEMBER, so to say I was excited was an understatement.

Leaving (cold Pittsburgh) on a jet plane...the sunrise over the clouds.

Long Beach and palm trees and 70 degree weather.

Henery Press was well represented...

...although we played hooky a bit, having some murderous fun while we were at it.

Book sightings!

I did head inside to watch a few panels.

And in spite of major jet lag, I made it to the Henery Press gathering prior to the evening festivities.

The next day, the Pittsburgh contingent (Martha Reed, Susan Thibadeau, and me) went for a walk down the street... the beach! And the Pacific Ocean!

One last look at the conference hotel before heading home. Back to reality. Back to winter. 


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