Revisions, Copacabana, and Lake Erie

I confess. This next book is making me slightly insane. Or, putting a more positive light on the matter, it’s giving me a wild ride on the emotional roller coaster. I’m currently working on revisions. Stuff needed fixed. It’s that simple. It’s also that confounding. Over the last few weeks, I’ve threatened to pull my hair out, I’ve beat my head on my desk, and I’ve broken my computer mouse…but that’s another story.

This week, however, I’ve turned a corner. First, I took a day off. Sort of. Tuesday, my friend and fellow Pittsburgh area author Joyce Tremel and I headed north to Erie for a book club talk. I love book clubs. I love Erie.

 I needed a day away from the computer.

So we killed an entire day. It’s a three-hour drive for me (each way). And there is no way I’m going all that way without sticking my feet in the sand while Lake Erie’s waves lap at my toes.

The book club was fun, too! As was the actual road trip. (Picture two crime writers cruising the highway singing Barry Manilow songs—Her name was Lola. She was a showgirl…)

Back to work on Wednesday (and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, TODAY), I started making major progress on the sticking points of my revisions. Little by little, I found answers to the problems. Yesterday was a marathon revision day and the rest of the pieces fell into place.


I’m not claiming to be done. I have another week before the revised manuscript is due. But the panic has eased. I have a new scene drafted to fill in the gaps. Tomorrow I’ll add to it, tweak it, and spit shine that scene. Yes, this book WILL happen!

No Way Home—coming March 2017 


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